Update of the week (5.3)

9:48 PM

Taking a chill pill from all the proj and supposedly mugging.
Just can't bring myself to sit there and read and stuff. 

Last Saturday was the celebration of my cousin's 21st but since it was more of a family thing at their house so I decided to dress simply yet not to sloppish for it. 
So first of all: Denim It Up Outfit
Wore a collared dark denim cropped top and paired it with a pair of black denim highwaist shorts. 
Carried a black velvet heart shape bag and wore a pair of creepers to add some height. 
I put on a pair of oversized circle shades to complete my outfit~ 
It was quite redundant though since I ended up indoors and the sun was about to set when I left the house.

The week at school was kind of the usual other than Wednesday.
Went out with my 2 fav girls to town to find a suitable pressie. 
So here's my outfit of that day:
My new floral dress to add to my pathetic collection of dresses.
I super love how it doesn't make me look too "娘“ (v.feminine?)
So yay! Sadly my precious necklace is lost and nothing else could match it.
(p/s: check out my new doraemon casing that has a tinge of holographic effect)

So that concludes basically my more presentable #ootd for the week since I pretty much wore basics the rest of the week. Can only blame myself for being too lazy to dress up in the morning.

Side note: 
17th May was the birthday of my favourite pair of twins ^^
(Not my dad and his bro cause i'm not close to my uncle. Sorry daddy :P)
I realise that my last photo with Tiong was super long ago. haha goodness.
Anyway, love you two ^^

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