Penang Kitchen

11:22 PM

Hello month of May! 
3 weeks of school just passed, phew~~
Anyway just a little update.

I've once heard somewhere that we should visit 1 new place every month.
Singapore seems like a really small country but new places to visit seem never ending. 
So here's introducing a "new" place that Daddy Tay and I decided to try when we're walking along the streets doing some last minute decision for dinner:

This place has actually been on papers and magazines from what I saw along the walls.
Since we weren't really hungry we only ordered 2 dishes and 2 desserts to share.

Here's our main meal:
Herbal Duck Mee Sua!
The duck meat is more tender than I expected it to be and I can't express how much I love the soup!
The "herbal taste" ain't that strong so even for those who do not like the taste of herbal stuff will find it fine too. I would prefer it to be slightly stronger though. 
Wouldn't mind having a bowl of this right now~

 And here's our ngo hiang type of thing featuring our main meal :D
$6.30 for 2 pieces
 (if I didn't remember wrongly)
it's of meat filling actually (can't remember the actual name of this).
Served piping hot even though it has been left for quite awhile.
Am craving to put these in my mouth while typing now. Hehs #fatdieme.

The deserts weren't that worth though.
Cost about $4/bowl but the portion ain't that big and it wasn't much of a "homaigawt" feeling.

Other than the 2 dishes we had, Penang Kitchen is actually well known for their Penang Laksa, Hokkien Prawn Noodles, Char Kuay Teow, Rojak and some others. 
The price per main dish is around $6-10 I think
I think it's quite worth to try out this place at least once~
Am probable gonna try the other dishes when Daddy Tay is around then I'll probably talk about it another time. 

Penang Kitchen Pte Ltd.
283 Tanjong Katong Rd
Singapore 437066
Tel: 6348 8595
Operating Hours: 11am - 930pm

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