Common Tests

7:09 PM

I'm supposed to be studying for my last paper now but..
I got SOOO BORED, I took a photo of myself studying on my bed and drew it out.
I guess i spent like close to 2 hours just drawing this before scanning it and adding slight effects to it.

okay who am i kidding..
I would rather spend the time drowning and fatifying myself with food than draw.
I just can't believe I gave up work (when i can be listening to Jay Chou's concert) just to study for my common test and end up procrastinating almost half the time, GOODNESS ITS FREAKING JAY CHOU GUYS, WHAT IN THE WORLD DID I DO!..
Sighpie, whatever it is, last countdown of 22h to the end of my last paper and it's freedom bitch!

Once exams is over, am gonna be posting on the upcoming movie: "Monster University"
Am so excited for it to start showing on screen starting 20th June. 
So stay tune!! ^^

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