this november

8:57 PM

A little stupid photo to make it up for halloween :P

My papers are ending next monday and since its mcq i'm kind of slacking most of my days off
after so damn long its damn nice to sleep till anytime you want
then wake up like some sleeping beauty after some long sleep.
okay rubbish, i'm only spending my time watching forensic hero 3 for hours.

date: 18th nov
coming up is prom and i'm gonna go on a shopping trip with my sis for accessories and some overseas stuff. gonna dig outta my own savings as usual.
i swear its damn unfair that singapore so small.
those people go prom we go graduation night.
they got cocktail we drink, erm i dont know what, fruit punch?!
they sit limo we sit bigger transport. SBS bus 358.

date: 20th/21st nov tbc
after prom to go food fair, ignore the date la huh
gonna go after grad night (so wont cannot fit into dress) and indulge in all those delicious food from all over asia, yumyum
anyone wanna go? hehe.
loads of nice food with probably alot of squeezing and hot cause of the amount of people.
i'm gonna wear my spiked bracelet and ring to poke whichever ass that pushes me
*evil laugh*

date: 22nd-24th nov
then it's Red Camp 8. still cant decide to go or not for tp's camp
but definitely going for np's.
apaches! woowoowoo~
from what i see a few of those dpa people are gonna be in apaches too.
this year apaches gonna be the best group of all. why? cause prcs inside.
haha, ok bu yao lian.

date: 29th nov
MAMA yo! i'm like so frigging excited bout it.
he's* most likely gonna be there and since there were some conflict or whatever previously, if remembered its not gonna be nice but i'm not caring.
in front of the media broadcast in so many countries what could go wrong?
and neither am i giving up the opportunity to see all my beloved dudes and babes walk down the red carpet.
still carrying that small hope for *secret*
and i'm going for this in my just dyed hair~~ ohhhhhhhh ^^

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