BOOYEAHH! Graduated ^~^

11:28 PM

yeahh babehhh, graduated!

truthfully i was not really looking forward to grad night. i thought of skipping it
thinking alot bout me being underdressed, makeup like over exaggerated. everything was not good that day la in a way.
basically very last school song, free food, photo taking, dancing? and some random stuff.
CONGRATS BBG, VANNY! MS PRCS YO! so happy for you pretty girl ^^
clar was nominated too, epic la, haha. (her secret = she hungry :DDD)
okey dokeys, lazy and nothing much to elaborate though..

my precious dnt girl, jiaying ^^
jiajun (:
(look who's at the left, haha)
lionel (:
melissa {:
laris (:
kokxin sweetie (:
vanny and amanda,
ah, i love you 2 ^^
(i look so fat here, gahhh..)
samuel the tallie (:
i'm already wearing my highest shoe but the height difference still..
zhu ding my whole life as shortie.
liyana and eunice (:
charmaine and sheena~
(you 2 are 2 generations older then me~ keke)
(annyeonghasehyo, our act cute pic :P)
okey, imma lazy to put up all the pics. fb has it all.
ahh, i'm gonna miss many peeps. especially 4/6.
already not used to not seeing vanny often, used to be almost everyday ):
gonna miss hugging my beloved peeps too.
okey, annyeong..

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