10:41 PM

just back from my awesome buffet dinner and a total retail therapy!
isit that weird that i can wear new look's cardigan for age 10-11 and top for age 12-13?
its normal whats? the people there are so much taller and all...
its a week to the start of O's and i dont feel prepared.
the official last day of school is already over and im soooo gonna miss 4/6
my results really sucked and if im really gonna get this grades for O's im gonna be soooo.
idk worried, embarrassed?
everyone's result in there is gonna be wayyy better than mine. highest of 11 points, sighs
best? i'm still distracted by everything and there's not really someone to push me
in anyways, look at the cute chocolates ms lam gave us (:
i'm gonna miss the food in the canteen and all those memories crafted in school
definitely not gonna miss the troubles and definitely not mrs teo.
its a relief to be away from her, i feel hyped bout the fact that i wont see her ever again!

sat had really nice thai food for dinner. thank you sooo much for it! loveya¬
keep the photo well kays? keke...
i can't wait for the 11th of nov. gonna have my next round of shopping
daddy! start saving money kays?
on that day SL's gonna find christopher and i can talk to him bout what hair colour i should do
yay man¬ christopher's the man!
he did my fringe that day superbly awesome.

i hate that history always repeat itself.
how nice would it be if dreams were real.
whether it was my recent nightmare or sweet dream, it would be nice and i wont mind any of it coming true.
yea, things happen for a reason, so what? i rather some things dont.
okay off to study now. next post: after O's, keke

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