Scotland Travelogue - Edinburgh

10:30 PM

Okay i know this is super delayed because i forgot all bout it, oops. 

After traveling to quite a few places around UK, Edinburgh has been by far one of my favourite locations to be at. 
I can't say for sure what exactly it is that attracts me to the place but the whole vibe of the place just made the place such a pleasure to be and I can't wait already for the day that I'll be able to visit again. (Probably gonna include the highlands and travel further up the next time round too). 


Accommodation plays a huge role in the entire travel experience and I'm so thankful that we found Kick Ass Hostel as ours because they are probably one of the nicest hostels I've ever been too (I've stayed in a couple of hostels, trust me on this). 
The reception area welcoming us is dressed in tons of upcoming activities from tours to upcoming plays and concerts which concept i really loved since it kept me occupied while waiting for the check-in procedures to be completed. 
The 6 of us shared a spacious room for 8 which included a personal locker for each one of us and even sofas! Even the toilets were extremely clean with changing area in each cubicle. 
What makes the place even better is the fact that it's located just opposite Edinburgh Castle and many other attractions, has a farmers market just outside on Saturday, smack in the midst of many food places and probably just a short 15min walk away from the city centre. 
We practically walked to all the attractions we visited that's how convenient it is!
We paid around £18-20 per night, I personally feel that it was worth the price paid and would definitely stay here again and highly recommend it to those visiting. 
 (P/s: you can keep your bags/luggages in their storage areas even after you check-out!)

Kick Ass Hostel
2 West Port, Edinburgh



#1 on our list would definitely be Calton Hill.
Located super near the city centre and a mere 5-10mins walk up was so worth the panoramic view of the city. 

If you're slightly more inclined to hiking and wouldn't mind a good 1-3h spent, i would definitely recommend going up Arthur's seat
There are different routes that you can consider taking which varies in difficulty level and all. 
We went in Feb which was a bad idea given the strong gushes of wind and super foggy view of the city. No regrets though as it was definitely a good experience up there. 
(We had to stay as low as possible all the time up there as we were literally almost carried by the wind). 
Remember to wear proper shoes and socks for this though. 
Dummy me decided to wear my Dr. Marts up (technically it's still boots right) and it gave me a real good abrasion around my ankles making me look like an abused kid. 
It's been 3 months and it's still a pretty obvious scar (good job teng). 

We did aimless walking around the city alot which was worth it since we always came across places when we least expected it and go "Hey look! We found another attraction!"
There's just this sense of satisfaction when we do that and we plan to stick to that baseless logic of ours for all our travels. 

There were many other attraction such as St. Giles Cathedral, Edinburgh Castle, etc which we merely made a touch and go. 
Would definitely recommend paying for the entrance of Edinburgh Castle! I've heard so much about it but due to budget constraints we decided to give it a miss at that point of time. 
Oh wellz, I'm sure there'll always be a next time. 



We usually do last minute searches on Google map or use TripAdvisor to source for food. 
Then again, do ask around what's good cause you might never know what locals could recommend you that's different from what tourists are flooding. 

Mom's Comfort Food. 


City Restaurant
Would definitely recommend this if you're having a craving for egg benedicts. 
I remember that amazing feeling we had just cutting this and letting it tingle our taste buds after all that hiking on Arthur's seat. 


The above are just some cafes that we popped by but it doesn't harm to go for something different once in awhile. 
One of the days, we actually popped by Stockbridge Market which basically gathered numerous cuisines from Japanese to Jamaican food together and that was where we got to try really unique different flavours which was amazing!!
(there's one near our hostel - grassmarket and one north west of the city centre)

Last place which I would like to specially mention would be PETIT PARIS!
I simply love the place! Classy interior & settings at an extremely affordable price!
£14.45 for a 2 course meal (steak + dessert)
It's located just across the hostel (can someone tell me what's there not to like about Kick Ass Hostel) and was highly recommended by this amazing lady who we shared our room with.
Bookings are likely required for Fridays and Saturdays to avoid disappointment. 

Petit Paris Restaurant
38-40 Grassmarket; Edinburgh EH1 2JU
Tel: 0131 226 2442


Update 20/5:
I've finished my study exchange over in UK and the heap load of essay deadlines that we were drowned with while traveling thus explaining the lack of updates. I'm still constantly moving to different locations (on my Europe tour) and I can't wait to share more about the adventures, good and bad, my friends and I had so far. 
Expect updates on places around UK, Germany, Italy, Iceland, Switzerland & Amsterdam along with some other experiences. (I know it'll take awhile but so much has happened and the laziness and tiredness has officially overtaken me).
Till then, take care and God bless!~

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