Tsukiji Fish Market - Sushi Dai

9:30 PM

After hearing all about the most popular, must try sushi places when visiting Tsukiji Fish Market from family, friends and almost every other human on the internet, we can now finally proudly say:

There are tons of choices available in the market itself but Sushi Dai (寿司大) and Daiwa Sushi (大和寿司) are definitely the ones attracting the longest queues. Honestly speaking, the queues for both didn't exactly look ridiculously long but since the shops can only sit 12-14pax at any one time, be prepared for a good 2-3h wait. 
We personally arrived quite late (around 9am) and waited a good solid 3h along the road side before we were finally directed to some seats made of crates to wait for another half hour or so. Only then were we able to enter the shop and satisfy our salivating tastebuds. The service however even before we enter was such a pleasant surprise. We were served with cold isotonic drinks which was such a saviour in that hot sun outside. The guy even took umbrellas out and handed it out to those unprepared to shield themselves while waiting!

The moment we entered, we were served with hot towels along with drinks that were pre-ordered while queueing outside. 
We opted for the Omakase Chef's Choice which costed us 4,000 yen (approx 48SGD/36USD) and came with a total of 10 Sushis (9 best of the days + 1 of your choice), 1 Sushi Roll, 1 Rolled Egg and a bowl of Miso Soup.

This Omakase menu is of course slightly customisable to ensure you enjoy your meal. 
The very adorable man taking your order and serving you outside will hand out a menu and if there's anything you can't eat or prefer not to eat, just let him know and all these will be conveyed to the chef for you. 

We spent a total of about 35-45mins inside the store for our meal and it was just one of the most pleasant experience for us. 
The sushi chef made sure to explain every single piece served to us - be it English speaking or Mandarin speaking, what we were eating and how it should be eaten which is something I really appreciated a lot. 
(Feels very weird whenever we took sushi off the sushi belt elsewhere and wonder what in the world are we actually consuming)

During our visit, we were served with (not in any order)
1. Fatty Tuna, 
2. Lean Tuna, 
3. Sea Bass,
 4. Snapper, 
5. Sardine, 
6. Sea Urchin (Uni), 
7. Sea Water Eel (Anago), 
8. Cutlass
9. Red Clams
The sushi were all very fresh and so thoughtfully prepared down to the details.
There wasn't too much sauce, not too much wasabi so everything was just perfect. 

And here's a photo with our extremely happy chef who was such a joy to watch and took our sushi experience in Japan to a next notch. 
A tip I read elsewhere:
If you're traveling solo, chances are that you would not need to queue that long so don't let the long queue intimidate you and just go for it. 
We have no regrets breaking our budget and queueing long hours for this because we personally felt that all that was worth it and we would strongly recommend this.


Add: 築地5-2-1 Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan 
(Building 6 in the 3rd Alley, 3rd shop on the right)
No.: +81 3-3541-0952
Opening Hours: 0500 - 1400 (Closed on Weds)


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