Flee Away Cafe

11:00 PM

It hasn't been long since I've returned from Vietnam so there's a lot of catching up to do
A little discrete cafe located along Dunlup Street, we had to walk a little distance before we finally found the shop but it was definitely worth the walk.
Flee Away furnished with its really adorable and unique interior was was the perfect place for my friend Alicia and I to do a little catch up after papers. 

We fell in love with the place upon entering cause it was such a cozy place.
What tops it off is the little "flee market" available in the form of boxes where people could sell their stuffs there.

We were recommended to try the Le Char Kuay ($12.50 - $15.50) which is something like a baguette with a good twist to it. 
It's sandwich is in the form of you tiao and they offer a good variety of unique fillings topped with some salad and papadum chips which is definitely worth the try. 

Alicia and I chose the curry chicken and dry laksa Le Char Kuay to share which was amazing.
Personally, I preferred the Dry Laksa Le Char Kuay. The taste of both really came well together and it wasn't too oily like how I thought it might have been. 

We then finished up our meal with dessert. 
For dessert, we went for the Waffle with Gula Melaka Pudding ($8.50) which seemed to be the most interesting item on the dessert menu. 

The dish is made up of a waffle with pudding made of sago seeds with some sprinkles.
Topped off with some sugar syrup and coconut available at the side along with some whipped cream.

This taste best with both avail syrups poured over and eaten together. 
I think I would have preferred if there was some syrup which wasn't too thick so that it would be more smoothing and put together. 
Overall I would say that it is quite an innovative and interesting place to visit.

Flee Away
70 Dunlop Street Singapore 209398 (Little India MRT)
Tel: +65 63417843

Opening Hours: 11am to 9pm (Tues-Thurs), 
11am to 11pm (Fri-Sat), 10am-5pm (Sun), 
Closed Mon

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