Scotland Travelogue - Glasgow

10:30 PM

Our first actual trip out of Birmingham and given that it's our post-exam break, you have no idea how excited I was to be finally leaving the 4 walls of my room. 

With little research and information about anything, here's how our trip went.

In attempt not to waste too much time, a slightly unsound mind of ours decided to take a 2:35am bus right after our papers the day before.
Well waiting in the cold, with little people in sight on a seemingly random road probably reinforced the fact that it wasn't a good idea but on the bright side,
we could happily make full use of the full day immediately upon arrival.


1) Riverside Museum
 Our first stop was Riverside Museum - museum of transport and travel.
The museum had lots of vintage cars, carriages, ships, etc.
Probably not the most exciting place for many but we definitely enjoyed ourselves.
Can't blame us who have a thing for antique vehicles and detailed figurines and machinery.

Directly behind it lies "The Tall Ship", a ship from the 1960s reinstated to its previous glory and now acting as a museum of some sorts.
We didn't spend long on board though due to the weather.

Both attractions are free to enter with their opening hours being from 10-5pm
We took bus 100 from the city center which costed us £1.90 (one way)

2) Tennents Brewery Tour

I'm not a fan of beer (sorry not sorry) but when we came across Tennent's website, we couldn't help but got ourselves booked on a tour.
Through the 1.5h tour we got to learn a lot more about the processes and machineries used which was quite a novel experience.
A big thank you to our bubbly "private" tour guide!

Basically everything ended with a little beer tasting and a pint of free beer.
For £5 I guess it's pretty reasonable?
Only downside was our chosen timing since we had to drink on an empty stomach too..
Yeah, such decisions we make..

3) Glasgow Cathedral & The Necropolis

I've been hearing so much about the cathedrals in England and now that I've seen a couple physically, it's no doubt why they've always been listed as an attraction.
The infrastructure was gorgeous and extremely detailed and don't get me started on those stained glass murals.
What got me amazed here was how nicely sculpted the cemetery was!



Located about 20-30mins walk away from the city centre (London Road), the place we rented on AirB&B had a quiet but pretty safe environment - near People Palace.
The interior was exact to the photos shown and could easily accommodate all 6 of us.

The apartment had a total of 2 rooms, 1 living room, 1 toilet and a fully equipped kitchen. 
Our host Stuart was a very detailed guy as well, ensuring that we could access and felt comfortable in the apartment as well. Thank you Stuart!



Dinner @ Tibo's Cafe.
Recommended by our host, Stuart, which is located quite a short walk away from Tennents Brewery. 
Love the setting and how friendly the staff who served us was. 
Had for myself a Burger Pastrami (£8.95) which was highly recommended by many on Trip Advisor. 
Pretty satisfying I would say.
443 Duke Street, Glasgow
G13 1RY
10:00 - 22:00 (Sun - Wed)
10:00 - 23:00 (Thurs - Sat)

Breakfast @ Mimi's Cafe. 
Wasn't our original intention to have breakfast here but thankful that we did. 
Homely looking little place with a very nice corner (which I was sitting in) that they couldn't stop taking photo of. 
The owner was super nice and even treated us to a small cup of their specialty hot chocolate each!
Their hot chocolate was amazing! Rich flavours with the right texture. 
Really craving for a cup of that right now though...
169 London Road, Glasgow
G1 5BX
9:00 - 16:00 (Mon - Sun)

Lunch @ Crafty Joe's
We ordered a serving of Mac&Cheese and Fish&Chips to share (among 3). 
The taste was not too bad but they took a really long to serve though.

Another place that we heard many recommendations about (but we didn't get to try) was Drygate which is located just beside Tennents Brewery. 
85 Drygate, Glasgow
G4 0UT
11:00 - 00:00 (Mon - Sun)

And that's about it for my Glasgow trip~
It was a short 2D1N in this really chill city so it isn't a very comprehensive "itinerary" you could say. 
Thank you once again for reading!~
Next up is Edinburgh so stay tune for it and God Bless (;

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