Scotland Travelogue (Guide + Online)

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The Trip:
We went for a full 4D3N trip (not inclusive of traveling time)
1.5 days in Glasgow
2.5 days in Edinburgh
No. of pax.: 6
Trying things out backpacker style this time round

🚌 Bus
We traveled via bus for the entire trip
I wouldn't say it's comfortable but for the price paid.. I can't complain
Bham to Glasgow - £10.08
Glasgow to Edinburgh - £3.42
Edinburgh to Bham - £24.33 (super pricey but there were no other options)
Trains are available too but at that point of time it was about triple the price 

Glasgow: Airbnb (Click Here to view)
The apartment could accommodate all 6 of us and costed us a total of £118 (£19.67/pax)
Quiet and safe environment a stone's throw away from People's Museum.

Edinburgh: Kick Ass Hostel
We opted for a 8 bed female dorm which costed us £15 per night/pax
Located just opposite Edinburgh Castle

More details of both will be on the individual posts (scroll to end for links)

It's (mid) February; the wet and gloomy season so I guess that's pretty self explanatory.
High: 7 degrees.     Low: 1 degree
Wind can get pretty cray too

 Getting Around
We traveled around by foot most of the time we're here
The only exception was for Riverside Museum in Glasgow because it was super out of the way and I don't think any of us were willing to walk an hour+ for it.
Our bus costed us £3.80 (return)
If you're traveling a lot, do for saver tickets which gives you unlimited travel [ranges from £4.30 (bus) to around £10+ (all transport)]

*Disclaimer: the following are just a list of places we covered.
- Riverside Museum
- Tennents Brewery
- Glasgow Cathedral
- The Necropolis

- Arthur's Seat
- St. Giles Cathedral
- Edinburgh Castle

We didn't really spend time shopping so I can't exactly give a good gauge of what's good where.
Based on what I remember, there's quite abit near George Square in Glasgow
And for Edinburgh, Royal Mile is mainly for souvenirs, and the main shops are along Princes Street.

- Beer Battered Fish & Chips
- Steak Pies
- Egg Benedict
- Well, I would say Western food in general since we had a good mix of everything!~

It probably isn't the most comprehensive and it was way too short of a trip for Scotland
Nonetheless, Scotland was amazing and I look forward to days in the future where I can explore the other parts of it.
But for now, I can't wait to share and simply enjoy recalling the journey~
In the mean time, Glasgow and Edinburgh travelogue will be up in no time so
Stay tune and God Bless!

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