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Anyone missing the Ebi burger yet?!!
Because if you are, I'm super excited to announce that..
It's finally time for Singaporean's tastebuds to be treated once again with McDonalds's new creation!! 
(photo credits to McDonald's Singapore)

Just this recent Monday, I had the honour of joining a few other bloggers to have a first taste of the cereal be burger thanks to Omy and I have to say, I am thankful that I made a "diet starts tomorrow" decision or I'll probably never have had my hands on one of these.
For those who know me would probably be shocked by the fact that I actually had a McDonald's set meal for dinner but this was different. 

The above are some of the ingredients but in anyways, let me give you a brief idea of what you're about to be in for:
We were served a floral shaped bun with roasted white sesame seeds and chive with a crunchy cereal-coated shrimp patty. The patty was coated just right and along with the potato which gave it a slight mealiness texture and further topped with fresh lettuce and shrimp paste sauce. Its mildly spicy because of the onion, garlic and chilli padi but it leaves an enjoyable tingling sensation on the tongue (I have a considerably low tolerance for spice as a Singaporean fyi).

The meal was even more so complete with the accompaniment of their new Sweet Potato Fries (M) and yes everyone, I can now satisfy my sweet potato cravings! *bliss*
If given a choice, I'll probably choose this over the usual french fries anytime. 
(unless it's with ice cream cause that's a different story all together)
This whole set (+ small coke) would be available from $7.45 starting tomorrow!
*while stocks last* (~ 1st Oct)
P/s: I would strongly encourage a change of drinks to the Mango Peach Chill! Trust me, my entire table loved it so much

Well, McDonald's clearly knew that a meal isn't complete without dessert.
Our preview tasting session was a sweet ending with the Honeydew McFlurry
The taste reminded me slightly of the korean melon ice cream which I really love (not sure if you know which I'm referring to) but as a soft serve, I felt that it was a tad too sweet for me.
Not too sure if it could be requested to be prepared less sweet, but I suppose there's no harm asking~
Priced at $2.90, this will too be available starting tomorrow while stocks last.


I know some worry about the "fattening" part about fast food but if diet is your main concern, you can now make your meal more healthy by swapping your fries out for cup corn or salad (+$1.20) so yay! I guess that's settled~
Just look at our satisfied faces after all our "diet starts tomorrow" decision (;

I'm not sure about others but I guess all in all, I would say that it's worth giving it a try especially since it's only going to be available while stocks last.  
So if you can, don't miss it!!~

A huge thank you to omy for the invite and AMK park McDonalds for hosting us. 
Kudos especially for the entire setting and props, it was really gorgeous and I enjoyed myself!
And till my next, thanks for reading!


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