Car Boot Sale + Flea

9:30 PM

I'm not sure about you but something about me just LOVE shopping!
I mean truthfully, most girls would right? 
And nothing can be more satisfying than going around like this:
Yupp! Confessions of a (budget) shopaholic right here!
And i know all you girls out there feel me too. 

Now enjoying the process of shopping is just one aspect but we all have to make space for those new purchases to come in don't we? And I'm sure most of us agree that the best way to do it is to sell our stuff so that we can get back some 💰💰💰 that can be reinvested into more new clothing!
I mean, that's what made carousell such a hit right?

As much as we want the comfort of our homes, some of us prefer the mindset of "one shot just clear everything" which is the reason for the existence of flea markets to begin with.
Most of which is at town which despite the good traffic flow, the target audience is pretty much strained down to that few categories.

Now, if you are an aspiring entrepreneur looking for an outlet to sell your products/services, shopaholic trying to clear your stocks, housewife just trying to kill time and get $, etc, I have some good news for you!
Our neighbourhood mall, White Sands, is coming up with our very own
Keep a look out for me cause I might probably be dropping by since this isn't a common sight in Singapore and I'm SUPER excited for it!!
P/s: I myself might be getting a slot and I'll keep you guys updated about that so do check back here to see if i will be and if so, what are the things you can expect!

Now, I know one of the main concerns would be the location and traffic flow but no worries because here's the catch. 
  1. The flea market will be held alongside with many other exciting activities (such as Movie Night) organised by White Sands throughout the day from the time you start till at night.
  2. Over the weekends, Pasir ris draws their crowds from residents to chalet goers to families of our NS men (that's quite a number of people if you think about it)
  3. Located just outside the MRT station and bus interchange, I'm sure if can't be missed.
Sounds good?
For more information, click here.
So to all who are looking to clear your stuff or purchase some new gorgeous items, I look forward to seeing you there 😉!

Swee Teng

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