Seoul Travelogue - Day 5

3:07 PM

And finally, the travelogue continues (oops)
It's been awhile and my memory might not be serving me well so I shall try my utmost best to fill the details in anyways.
So, I have always been a sucker for graffiti, wall arts (or however you would like to classify them) so this place is a 100% plus point for me.
Be prepared to have to climb some stairs and walk up some slopes though but trust me, it is so worth it! This place is so photo worthy that we were taking photos with almost every step we took.

The above were just little snippets of what you can see there!
But that's not it because there's still something rewarding after all that hiking and that's the gorgeous view from the top, overseeing the town.
So here comes the picture spam!

Lunch was somewhere nearby at this traditional looking place.
And this dish was possibly one of the best i've tasted!
It was so flavourful with their marinated sauce and had the perfect texture with the mix of onions and various vegetables. 

We didn't make much plans for the evening so we simply head down to Hongdae Flea Market area to explore since I've heard about it online.
Don't hold too high an expectation of this place though. 
Hongdae Flea Market actually covers only a small area with a small number of stalls.
Don't expect dirt cheap prices but I have to say that these owners are super talented!
Caricature, self-designed accessories, etc. 
Here's one of the artist (with super gorgeous hair!!) that did a cartoon caricature of my sister and I.
[#singlelife : draw my sister please. haha]

 We too passed by the sheep cafe (which I don't get the rave tbh) and settled for a BBQ buffet along the streets which came up to less than $15 i think. (it wasn't very good but for the price we paid, it's pretty worth)

After which, we headed over to Stylenanda (how can one not visit stylenanda when in Korea right?) and we were overwhelmed!
It's so much more worth to get the items in store, even their online site is more costly than in stores!
 We spent more than an hour in there before we headed to try find a store I've been targeting at.
Although I didn't find the store (sadly), i'm so thankful for Edna who went through the cold and random walking with me. 
We ended the day at this 24h cafe in the middle of Hongdae where we met up with HengYee and her friends just to chat and all.
P/s: if ever given the chance you have to hear their Korea trip story because it's just soon dramatic and funny. 

p/p/s: I'm currently in the midst of planning my upcoming Vietnam trip (yes back there once again) and this time round I promise to have a more complete cover of the trip.
Till then, keep a lookout for the last few days of my Korea Travelogue and more coming soon

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