Seoul Travelogue - Day 4

11:25 PM

Yay! Day 4 is finally up! ^^
Day 4 was probably the day I enjoyed the most thinking back about it.
We were basically chilling the entire day just stuffing ourselves with really delicious food and truly enjoying the feel of Seoul. 

Our very first stop was at Noryangjin Fish Market!
This was another place that I was dying to go to after watching and reading all about it!
Furthermore, I have a real soft spot for seafood especially shell food so you can totally imagine how much excitement I was holding in looking at all of these without looking like a total fool.

We were surrounded by all these super fresh live seafood; at that moment it was totally a "Shut up and just take my money" moment.

My Personal Opinion/ Tip : 
1. Don't rush into buying. Walk further in and check out other stalls because personally I felt that the ones further in are fresher and cheaper. If none others catch your eyes you can always go back. 
2. Try to buy more from a single stall and just whine a little to the owners, who know you might actually get some free food (;
Oh and yes, this very cute 아줌마 above is the very kind lady who gave us quite some discount (easily $20 off) and free food (cockles, some weird seafood and salmon sashimi). 
Her stall is amazing though it isn't that big; large crabs, larger abalones, very fresh fish, etc.
She'll definitely not see this but as promised, here's your "advertisement"in return, hehe.

We were brought to some restaurant behind the stalls where we got to choose how we want our seafood cooked. I think this is where our money got shaken off us though. 
and now for the food photos

The above was not all that we had but everything was so good!
The only downside was that the live octopus was cut up into way too tiny pieces so we didn't get to have that squirmy tingling feeling in our mouths. Such a waste.
On the hind side, check out how huge our crab was!!
Approx. SGD$110?
tots enough to feed all 9 of us. 

Apparently, that wasn't the end of our food hunt despite the previously overflowed table of food.
Next up was the cafes in Gangnam!!
First up: Deux Cremes
Really cosy interior decor which was perfect for us to just sit around, chat and of course indulge.
Definitely worth the price and wait given the taste and texture of the cake.
P/s: Singapore, it's about time you up your game. 
Even the exterior is gorgeous!
Photo perfect spots that can give you nice ootds in one shot, hahaha.

Next up: Mon Chou Chou
OMG, can i tell you how much i LOVE their dessert?! 
It's no wonder why this is so highly raved among Korean Models. 
Reasonably priced, luxurious decor, what more can you ask for.
We had more than that but we had them taken away due to the crowd.
Please pardon the ugly backdrop and trust me, this photo does it no justice. 

I gave round 3 a miss due to the unimaginable crowd and us trio found ourselves invited into the Adidas Superstar Exclusive Event. 

Even one of my favourite models from KNTM S3 was there!!
Okay I kid, it was just a pop-up store but hey we were sort of invited in~

We met back with the rest to shop for a little before we headed down to Han River.
We arrived before we had our dinner (i think) so the weather and the sky was amazing!
It was a lot less crowded then I thought it would be to be honest but there were quite a number of pet owners who brought their dogs to just enjoy the vast area. 
The dogs were sooooooo adorable we spent most of our time there probably looking and playing with the dogs rather than checking out the river.
Check out those huge fluffy ones!!
It was only after a significant amount of time before we finally headed down to the river side to catch some photos. It was probably close to 6pm if my memory didn't fail me.
We spent quite some time just snapping away, grooving to the music and did some people watching just to make it worth the visit. 
Straight after that, our attention just went straight back to the dogs just before we left.
In my opinion, 1-1.5h would be more than enough if you're not planning to cycle, have a picnic, etc. which in our case was sufficient given the temperature at that time.

Things slowed down a lot more once we left for dinner where we had this really spicy chicken that store was owned by the singer Se7en. 
The chicken was super tender and the sauce is really good but extremely spicy (just look at the amount of chilli) and if you're wondering how spicy this was, let me just say that it's spicier than the "Samyang Instant Ramen" that is a huge hype now for the Spicy Ramen Challenge.
Sadly, I ain't good at taking spicy stuff so  I literally died here and had way more water than anything else. I'm not kidding.
We spent the rest of the day just hanging around in Hongdae before a couple of us hit a pub and had some drinks (really cheap by the way in comparison to Singapore) to end the day. 
And there you have it! 
That was Day 4 for you.~
So here's me signing off~

Thank you for reading!

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