Seoul Travelogue (Day 6-8)

10:14 PM

Yay, I've finally come to the end of my procrastination so here I am typing out the final post of my grad trip to Korea. 
Gosh! I can't believe how long it has been since I came back!
Time really isn't on my side especially when holding a full time 9-5 job.

That aside, let me jump straight into the post~

First up - Gyungbokgung Palace.
I had my doubts at first since I've never been a fan of such tourist attractions but this place is truly a stunner. 
Despite the well kept traditional looking exterior being the main attention drawer (which I have to say was an amazing place for photo taking as you can see our little self entertainment with tons of random awkward amazing looking shots below), the tranquil looking backyard further in was in fact what truly won me over.

Apart from the typical touristy photo taking, the palace has actually way more to offer.
Some of which includes the parade of shift changing of guards (at the entrance) and museums (connected at the back with free entrances) which is definitely worth the visit in our opinion. 

We were rewarded/tortured (whichever your preference is) after our palace visit with some Ginseng Chicken which is always recommended as a "Must Try" dish in Korea!
The chicken had ginseng wrapped amidst the rice and stuffed, accompanied with the fragrant thick broth which was reduced the strong taste significantly to suit the taste of the general public more.
Not everyone appreciates such acquired taste but it was worth the try!
After all, such places are not packed with endless people and a long queue for no reason. 
(be careful of over indulging though as it's extremely heat-y)

A few stations away is Bukchon which is home to the famous traditional houses and costumes for dress-ups that we've always seen on dramas!
Be sure to catch our movie "Runaway Dreams" which will be up on screens this coming November. Basically the story revolves around a group of friends who share the same dreams and how they fought through their individual challenges only to find out that they'll be pitting against one another. 

We had so much fun being part of the filming and we're so thankful the opportunity that we happen to chance upon. It was super rush and tiring but it was worth it. So we hope you'll enjoy it as much as we did through the entire process. 

Okay I apologise for the utter rubbish that you just spent time reading. 
Please ignore my nonsense going on late at night (it's past midnight as I type this btw)

Not that discretely hidden away in an alley (there were signs around) was this little traditional house that carried a variety of hanboks. From typical school girl to the royal families; you name it. 

Taking a photo in a hanbok was one of my "MUST DO" when in Korea so despite my horrible tummy that day, no way was I going to give this photo taking up!
For 10,000 Won, you could try as many as you like and take as many photos as your heart desires. 
So here's just some little snippets of our not so normal princess πŸ’

One of my favourite place of the trip would probably have to be Bau House Dog Cafe.
We were warmly greeted by all these cuties the moment we enter and then intimidated the moment we entered the area for the larger dogs. 
Thankfully we got there early and received the attention we desired before these babies attention got stolen from us as it soon became pretty packed with all the dog lovers. (To think it was a weekday morning!!)
My favourite baby-dul. How adorable πŸ˜
And here's the little naughty playful one which fought with almost every dog around and casually hid behind us using us as shield and scratching my thigh. 

The remaining of our time over the next few days were mostly spent shopping and chilling around in cafes, stuffing ourselves with delicious desserts. 
Singapore, you truly need to up your game.
For shopping, we spent our nights at Dongdaemun (since they were opened the entire night till the break of dawn) and our day in Ehwa. 

I decided against narrating much and let the pictures speak for themselves.
I do hold some regrets for being unable to bungee jump, watch a baseball match and do water sports, etc but i guess that means more reason for me to go again right?
hehe till then, I hope to visit you soon again Korea!
Thank you for being such an amazing host and I can't wait to be back. 
and thank you* for reading


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