Seoul Travelogue - Day 1, 2 & 3

10:37 PM

The weekends are finally here!!
So here I am to chill out and relieve those Korea Grad Trip moments~ 

DAY 1:
After a year plus of talking about it and 6 over months after buying our tickets..
we were FINALLY on our way to our long awaited Korea trip!~
We took the 8am flight but only managed to reach our apartment really close to dinner time.

Thank goodness for the direct ride to Hongik University Station and the short walking distant to the guesthouse or it would have been a huge disaster!
Day 1 was pretty short since we were really drained from the traveling.
We had a simple dinner over at a army stew place recommended by and just roamed the streets of Hongdae and that concludes our Day 1!~

(This huge fried squid is extremely delicious by the way)

DAY 2:
There's so much I have to say about Everland!! 
I LOVEEEEEEE it there and it would have been even better if it wasn't that cold.
I can blabber all day about this but let's just spare everyone from the torture and let the photos do the talking instead. 

 Instead, let me just share my top 3 fav rides in Everland.

Number #3: Hurricane
With a slow start, we thought it wouldn't be worth a ride but then it caught us by surprise.
It's safe enough to even keep our bags with us after belting up!
Great speed and pretty interesting ride.

Number #2: T-Express
The ever so famous ride that was featured on Running Man!
I love the speed and the thrill with a tinge of suspense.
Fun Fact: I was so excited on the ride I was actually smiling for the camera during the photo taking.

Number #1: Let's Twist
Surprise surprise!~
I guess many would choose T-express as their first but I guess I'm an exception.
I love the suspense of the ride.
It's like you'll never know when you're gonna flip and just scream your way through.
Definitely my favourite ride out of all.
And there you have it!
My Top 3 for you!~
Just a little tip: Make use of the sunlight and take as many photos as possible cause Everland is such a photogenic place that looks good from almost any angle! Do stay for the light parade at night because its just so worth it to let your eyes feast on such gorgeous displays and dance. 
The day ended off simply with some street food and coffee and coffeeine cafe.
P/s: they serve one of the best hot chocolate ever! such texture!

DAY 3:
It's shopping day finally!!~
And Myeongdong was our very first official shopping stop!
But hold up a minute because breakfast first at Isaac!!~
 The savoury combination sandwiched between perfectly toasted bagels was so good!
Couldn't have asked for better way to fuel up for our shopping day.

I didn't manage to get any photos there though because Edna and I were way to engrossed in our shopping which we have been looking forward to for awhile.
So in replacement, here's an #ootd in front of our favourite graffiti wall!
(yes, I know i'm wearing a tinge too little for that weather)

 We stopped over at Myeongdong Gyoza for lunch where we were given a private room.
I'm truly shocked and in envy of the amount people here can eat! With that amount of food, how can none of you be overweight! 
Teach me the art of staying slim masters. 

 We underestimated the portion and ordered a bowl each since we were starving. 
To top it off, we ordered some xiao long bao (kind of) food.
Turns out that the bowl of noodles seemed to be a never ending bottomless pit!
None of us managed to finish them and those who have small stomachs like mine, we weren't even halfway through and we were done!
Upon looking out, it seems like many of them actually finished the entire bowl of it!
In any way, my opinion would be to share it with others to make it more worth it. 


We split up and only gathered back at around 630-7pm for dinner at a BBQ place.
The beef was really good but it was quite a small portion and pricey.
Although we weren't hungry, it was compulsory for all of us to order an item each.
We should have checked before that but oh well..

After which, we had our stuff placed in a locker in the train station before heading for our last destination of the day, 
N Tower!
Otherwise known as Namsan Tower, the really tall significant one with all those pretty pretty locks that everyone takes photo of. 
I was told that the colour at night changes and the day we went just happens to be green. (as much as i wish it was like blue or pink :P)
Day view or night view, I'm sure its still gorgeous in their own way I mean just check out the gorgeous view of the city lights from up there~

 I still remember how we "hiked" up the steep hill almost immediately after dinner to take the cable car over. (I really need to exercise more)
P/s: they do have bus services near the station to skip that whole walk up.
We were freezing so bad but it was definitely worth the wait and hike because the view over the city was just so gorgeous!
From the photo you can probably tell that we lost our sanity to the cold. 

We spent about an hour+ there but we didn't pay to go all the way up the observatory since we didn't want to pay again on top of our cable car ride both ways. 

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