Thank You

1:43 PM

It's finally the end of internship
As fun as Vietnam was (well at least on my off days)
I'm so excited to be back in Singapore.
Just so happen that I arrived on national day too~
(Sounds very patriotic right :P)

5 months away from home is the longest time I've ever been away from home for.
It was a whole long 5 months journey of learning how to adapt to another culture, learning another language (which I still suck at), being independent and all.
The feeling of being away from home for so long without any close ones sucks.
All I could was to see my friends having fun and I just wanted to be part of it but I know I can't.

(^^^ almost literally how I felt quite a number of times, alone)
Social medias are pure deception showing what you want others to see.
Overseas Internship probably looked like something you'll just work a little and play the rest of the time just like your typical holiday kind of thing.
But no one ever knows the numbers of bad days where I just felt regretful for making this decision, the desire to just lock myself away from civilisation and break down.
But i guess that's just part of adapting and growing up.

I'm not saying that I didn't enjoy myself.
If I did say that, I would probably be lying cause how can one not enjoy themselves here in Vietnam.
Off days were the best!

And of course not forgetting the amazing (yet cheap!) food that I've stuffed myself with.

It was so difficult to have been in a place with completely new people + language barrier.
So I just wanna say a big thank you to those who were always around cause I know I do come across most of the time as unfriendly and I don't talk much.
I was probably quite a difficult person to be around with huh.
I just didn't feel comfortable to be able to act like how I usually would.
So anyway, thank you for trying to understand.

Especially Emily and Cherry who never fails to make the extra effort to try and make me feel comfortable since the start of the internship, so thank you so much!~


It's only during this period where I felt like I learnt so much about life. Not so much about work but more on life. The hard way.

1. Human relationship. 
Something I bet I'll not have picked up if I were to have stayed in Singapore for internship.
Seeing everything change, seeing people who I worried about going through a new phase of their live which I really wished I could be part of and at the same time know that you're slowly erased from it as well.. 
Perhaps I'm being sensitive but at least that was how I felt
It was an extremely tough period for me, mentally..
but I'm thankful to have my family and friends who were constantly supporting me.
Especially Cynthia and Dennis who has been the best support and companion no matter how good or bad things were. I really couldn't have done it without the 2 of you.
Freaking thankful and love the 2 of you so much!

2. Independence
To all those out there that thinks overseas internship are what defines fun at work with new experiences and new friends, well you're partially right.
It all depends on where you're going and who you're going with.
Just know that in the real working world, not everyone would be nice just because you're new or just because you're young. Every place has their own politics.
In this 5 months, there has been countless of times I've travelled alone, ate alone, shop alone, be happy for myself alone, getting excited alone, etc.

So apart from all the good things you've heard and seen, well here's a not so positive point of view 
There's definitely a lot that you'll benefit from for choosing this journey, but theres always the other factors to consider. 
Whatever it is, I'm just glad that this phase is over and I've pulled through.
Sorry for being so negative in this post.

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