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I'm so proud (ok probably not) to say I'm finally half way through my Taiwan Travelogue.
It's been really busy preparing/packing for intern recently so it's been delayed.
Without further ado, I shall get into it!~

Day 4 was tiring cause we had to get up pretty early despite the night before's countdown and head down to Taichung ensuring that we don't waste any day there.
Thankful for Tango Hotel for allowing to keep our luggage there and only take it back when we're back from our short Taichung trip though we've checked out.
Straight from the hotel, we took the HSR to Taichung~
Yay! Here's our selfie for our first time on the HSR.
The journey down took about an hour and thank God the seats were comfortable!~
Upon arrival, we got up a taxi and booked the guy for an entire day at about 2500NT
The "tour" probably ended around 6+ 7pm so the cost kind of depends on how long the cabbie uncle is booked for (:
Our first destination was the Mushroom Farm!~
We decided to call almost everything on the menu to try since they weren't exactly in big portions.
So here's just some of the items that we tried:

Not forgetting dipping them into one of the best chilli sauce ever!~
Mushroom Chili Sauce!!~
It is literally small bits of mushroom in their home made chilli sauce and it is awesomeeee~~
Of course, what's a meal without dessert right?
Here's presenting to you the first ever heard of Mushroom Flavoured Ice Cream.
It wasn't exactly my type of ice cream but c'mon how often do you come across flavours like this.

Our second destination of the day was Lavender Cottage.
We spent a total of 2hr in this little paradise cause we just couldn't stop snapping photos.
The place is simply gorgeous, well to me at the very least. 

Inside, the place sells soaps and related items which smells soooo good. 
All these natural smelling stuffs were just so tempting to buy cause of the smell.
There's an entrance fee of 100NT though but you would be given vouchers worth that same amount to purchase food at this little cafe that is situated in the middle of the place.

I have to say that the food was pretty good and with such great environment, the photos of the food just turned out even better. 
I personally love the fruit popsicle cause the light source from the back just makes it look so pretty ^^

On our way down, we managed to catch a glimpse of this rare sight of the sunset (according to our driver) whereby the sun and the horizon? are all in a straight row. 
It was simply beautiful and the photo probably didn't do justice to the actual scene.
We too had taro dessert at a place nearby which was said to be really famous (40NT/bowl) but I didn't get a shot of it cause I was just wayy to tired that it slipped my mind. 

To end of our day 1 at Taichung, we had to visit the feng chia night market without a doubt.
Be sure to try the all time famous Da chang bao xiao chang (40NT) as well as the bear paw bao (55-60NT)

The former wasn't really something I enjoyed though it received tonnes of raves.
Perhaps it just ain't my thing.
In my opinion the bear paw bao is a huge must try though!
Definitely worth the price you pay and it's just so delicious that I really feel like having one right at this moment, mhmmmmm!!~~

The area I walked had items that I found pretty pricey as compared to some other places I visited though. But the shoes are just wayy to worth not to get on the other hand.
Perhaps it just wasn't the right area cause my sis and I got lost after wandering around too much.
We ended up many streets down (and even came across some huge puzzle and toy shop) and had to slowly find our way back to the hotel. 
So yeah, a sucky ending but that concludes my day 4 of my Taiwan Travelogue. 

P/s: I'm currently doing internship in Vietnam so I hope I'll still be actively posting.
For more updates about how my Viet adventures is going, check this out:
Where I'll try to do little photoblog kind of thing, hehe.
Till the next post :*

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