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I'm finally at day 3 of my Taiwan Travelogue 
which is probably one of the most eventful day as well~
Got dressed in a much brighter outfit as compared to the first 2 days to welcome the new year!~

Our day started off with a slow start since we knew we were gonna be up till quite late.
Hanged around a little at Zhongshan Metro Mall before heading to "Taipei Milk King" for lunch which is located next to the MRT as well.
"Hello my croissant !~"
The food was quite "meh" and in my opinion it wasn't really worth the price you pay for
I guess they're called Milk King for a reason, had the papaya milkshake which was not a bad choice other than the fact that I got really sick of the taste after awhile. 
(I really wonder how some people say they can drink this everyday, hmm..)

We kind of spent the early afternoon back in our hotel just catching up on sleep and all cause we knew we were going to be up till late for the countdown~
After which we headed to this place known as Huashan 1914 Creative Park. 
Basically it's some artsy place where museums, art exhibitions and related stuffs are held.

I fell in love with the place the moment it came into sight as we walked from the train station.
I love how the streets of this place looks slightly worn out with the old cement wall and all which kind of sets the mood right.
Don't be deceived by it's looks because this place is truly amazing and I've no regrets going down.
Of course at such a place there's bound to be some spots that are super picture worthy!~
Other than museums and all, they've have quite a few amazing stores and cafes there.
There's this particular gift store that I spent a super long time in that sells super unique snapbacks, laptop cases, accessories! 
Oh and did I mention that Jay Chou & Liu Qian's De Javo Cafe is located here too!!
I was super excited at first but Daddy didn't want to cause it was more pricey as compared to the other stores there.  Sighs..

So the main reason why we decided to come down was to check out this 3D Light Museum.
I've heard of Trick eye museum in Korea and this is similar to that so I was extremely excited to check this place out. 
What was most impressive was a dog statue in the entrance and the art work when the lights went off.
A picture paints a thousand words so I shall let the photos do the talking~


This was when the main lights went off, pretty right?!

There were quite a few more and this was quite a small scale one as it's only a temporary exhibition.
At 250NT/pax, what's there to complain when you get to have tea with mona lisa, fight warriors and steal/pull people's clothing :P
We kind of got a tinge of discount too though cause we arrived super near closing time.
But I heard that Singapore is going to have one of these ourselves too mid this year so yay! can't wait for that!~
If you'll like to see what they have on now you can check out their web: http://www.huashan1914.com/en/index.html

We had our diner at Alley Cat's which is one of the cafes at the park itself.
We ordered the Spinach Calzoni (380NT)
and a Pepperoni Pizza!
Just so happened that that particular day was "Free Upgrade of Pizza Day" so that was totally awesome~ ^^
Including drinks/alcohol, our total bill came up to approx 1180NT which was significantly cheaper than the other cafes there. 
Although if i was given a choice, I'll still pick Jay Chou & Liu Qian's restaurant.
Like come on, 2 of my childhood favs collaboration place, how can I not! D:

After dinner we slowly made our way down to the area around Taipei 101.
We alighted about a stop away with the initial idea to avoid getting stuck in the human traffic jam.
Oh please how wrong we were, the shops there were already packed with people and there was no where for us to sit around and wait.
It was only close to 9 by then so we decided to walk down nearer to the concert.

When we finally found the place the roads were already blocked so happy us started to campwhore in the middle of the road with taipei 101 as our background.
We then plopped ourselves on the road partitions a distance away so that we can still have a great view + get a space to sit (considering the few more hours we had to wait).

If you're ever going for countdown, remember to empty your bladder like 100% and make sure nothing needs to come out throughout the countdown. There is not a single freaking toilet nearby and the queue at the mrt for it is ridiculously long i can't even!!

If only the concert at taipei had kaoshiong's line up, I would squeeze my ass into the crowd at all cost I'm not even kidding. 

Here's more selfies we took to pass time featuring the lighted ribbon headbands.
One thing i love about taiwan is no one judges you for taking selfies or ootd or whatsoever even if it's in the middle of the road. 
(Please Singapore, learn from them and stop being judgemental cause its human nature to be vain.)

The countdown was an extremely different and unique experience.
Well putting aside the fact that they counted down in Chinese.
No one was hugging or kissing or showing pda of any sort. Literally NO ONE.
Instead all of them just whipped out their phones and stand there and when it was over, everyone just races down to the mrt despite it being in service 24h that day, how weird.


Just look at the crazy crowd! It was unbearable but the traffic control was done so well.
Kudos to the Taiwanese tbh they were so patient and followed what the officers were saying and wouldn't force their way through or anything like that.
(Dear Singapore, please learn this too, I hate having pits, butts or even your sticky skin invading my personal space cause you're too close for comfort)

One thing I still have not figured out was why after the fireworks were done, suddenly no one seemed to have these headbands, lightsticks, etc on anymore.
Apparently my sis and I were the only over enthusiastic ones who were still keeping it on with the lights brightly flashing.. Hmm..

Well, our night didn't end there as what's countdown without supper right.
We had ours at 40年老店 which was near the hotel.

A total of 2 bowls of lu rou fan, a bowl of soup and a plate of intestines came up to only 100+NT
Super worth the money and what's best is that the food was super good.
In comparison to what was recommended online (which we tried too and would be mentioned in my later posts) this was WAYYY better.
Honestly the best bowl of lu rou fan I had in this trip.
Not that sure if this is the exact one but if you're interested this should be it:
96 Linsen North Road, Zhongshan District, Taipei

Lastly, here's some fireworks photo to end of my post.
(P/s: Tango hotel were such amazing hosts and generous as well leaving a pack of Godiva chocolates on our bed for us which is simply sweet and amazing. )

Yay you've made it to the end of a very long post!
thank you for reading

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