Rô ̣ng Xanh

10:01 PM

Xin Chào!
I've been in Vietnam for internship for almost 2 weeks now and I've never left this province and in fact have only left the resort 3 times. 
I'm starting to miss being able to travel anywhere and everywhere at any time I want with not even a tinge of language barrier, but i guess time will change things.
On the side note, big thanks to Ms Emily and Ms Carol for bringing us to Rông Xanh for dinner last Sunday, it was awesome!

The view of the sunset against the open sea just got us and the never ending stream of motorbikes traveling on the bridge back to HCMC reminded me of town back home.
Nevertheless, it was a pretty sight. 

Gorgeous ain't it. 
 The place had a village like look which was not something often seen back in Singapore.
It reminded me of Batam actually, not much clue why. Haha

The food served is pretty awesome too and considering the price, it's so freaking worth it!!
Of course I can't compare it to the food served at the staff canteen but all I can say is 
Fried Frog Leg with Lemongrass

Wok-Fried Beef

Seafood Hot Pot

And an additional plate of fries, 5 cans of drink and 2 large cans of beer came up to an approximate of SGD$30+
What's best was the amount of food was wayy more than enough to feed the 6 of us. 


Can't wait for more off days and any other days where we can head out and really experience the "Vietnam life"; shopping and eating street food. 
It's pretty sad hearing all the songs and night life blasting outside the resort while all we're in it. 
Now i truly experience the Chinese saying of sleeping early and waking up early just that my health doesn't seem to be improving, haha! 
Oh well, pray that after this 5 months, I'll be back as a healthier Swee Teng (;
Here's an ootd that is considered pretty unacceptable here..
but oh! come on! the heat kills!
Maybe in time I will get accustomed to everything here. 
Being in a foreign land alone (well kinda) just ain't easy.. sighs
tạm biệt

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