Goodbye 2013~

10:51 PM

This is a week late but I felt the need to just go through my year from the start.

Disclaimer: My life ain't that interesting so this post might bore you.

2013 wasn't all that good as how I hoped it would be.
In fact 12/13 ended and started with a bang, literally, sending me crashing way down.
It sucked so bad and I didn't and couldn't bring myself to burden anyone else with my shit
But I'm so thankful to have some friends and got to meet new people along the year to pull me back up from the pit.
I wouldn't say that the state I'm in currently is back to how it was, because I know it's far from it and I know I would never be able to get back there but that's not an issue.
It's all in the past now and I guess I can count it as a learning experience?

Putting that aside, here are some of the highlights of 2013:

1. Encounter Camp
One of the best "camps" I could ask for.
It might sound religious, but it was such a great experience and encounter that I would never forget.

2. Skinny Pizza
My first ever F&B job (thank God it was only 3 days)
It was one of the most tiring 3 days
Running to clear, clean, set, juice and carry scalding hot plates.
Despite that it was a whole new experience
The free pizza at the end of the day won me over~ haha :D

3. Working in Indoor Stadium

  The luckiest that happened this year. The one job that many teens (fans) want to have.
Disney On Ice, The Script, CN Blue, Jay Chou, Mayday, G-Dragon ft. 2NE1, Super Junior SuperShow5, B.A.P.. 
I can't remember who else for now but in any ways, who can complain bout such an awesome job right?!

4. Back 2 School
Heading back to PRCS as an envoy, representing NP.
It feels good to prove people who didn't think well of you wrong (;
Best of all, school food after a year plus just makes it more heavenly.

 5. ARYA
One of the best thing that happened to me 
I may not have been able to give your a good camp (thank God for the other GLs, I would probably have failed so badly without them) and could probably be one of the most awkward GL your can ever have.
But you guys are one of the things I'm most grateful for for the year 2013.
I don't express myself well but just know that deep down, you guys are something I'm damn thankful for. I'm left with 8 (or less) more Arya tuesdays before missing 24 of it and more.
Sighs, gonna miss it so bad..

6. Bangkok Trip
Cheap buys, Good food, what more can I ask for?
Okay, other than asking for a trip back there again soon.
*someone, anyone, please lets go*

7. Infinite One Great Step Concert
Have been waiting for them to come again which seems forever.
Didn't get as much fan service as I hoped for but it was still good.
Nuff said. 

8. Hong Kong Trip
My first ever overseas leisure trip with friends~
It was crazy, it was epic, it was fattening and of course, FUN!
Our late night supper, street hunts, random moments.
(Click the above link to read more about it)

9. Taiwan Trip
Back again after 2 years and this time even staying for countdown.
It was really different this time round so I can't wait to share!
(p/s: check back this site for updates on my taiwan trip which would be up soon) ^^

I'm finally got back at blogging once again some time in March this year and I'm so thankful for all the different opportunities I was given despite being new.
Thank you Nuffnang and OMY for opening doors for me to all these wonderful experiences.
A number of movies and best of all New Look's Fall/Winter Fashion Preview.
Of course a big thank you to whoever is reading this.
I never thought there'll be people reading this when I first started again in March.
There aren't many but that's not what matters.

I love you *hugs*
(especially if you managed to read through this lengthy, not so interesting post of mine) ^^ 

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