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I've finally got some time to sit my ass down in front of my laptop to get this started.
So here's the series of posts that I've been delaying for close to a month now:
(Disclaimer: The trip was an extremely last minute one so don't expect the best itinerary)
For those who didn't know, I was suppose to head to bangkok but cause of the current situation, there was a last minute change of plans. Which thus brings me to the some unhappiness i have about Airasia (which i shall mention at the end). 

We took a 2-3pm? flight so it was just the right time to catch the pretty sunset (and the mandatory plane wing photo) while we were still up high in the sky~
But by the time we settled down and was ready to head out it was close to 8+pm
With not much time left, we decided to head down to Shilin Night Market since it was the best choice considering how it only closes at 1am. 
(Take note of the time though if you don't stay near there as train last train is around 1230am)

It was past 9 by the time we got there so we settled our hungry tummys before doing anything else.
We headed down (following the straight road) and there was this street whereby it's all food.

 Xiao Long Bao - 8 for 80NT 
which is about $3.50SGD
The skin wasn't too thick and the filling was really good. 
If only there was more soup/gravy? idk inside, it would have been perfect!
[[Bonus points: despite the small store front, there are seats behind so it makes eating this so much easier! (I cannot imagine how to eat these in a takeaway)]]

Large Mushrooms with Seaweed - 50NT = $2.20SGD
Its actually the stalk of the mushroom if I'm not mistaken.
(Don't be fooled by the fact that it's the stalk)
Its really soft and juicy and my mushroom crazy sister totally fell in love with this immediately
[[This is available in quite a few different toppings/sauce]]

Squid + Chicken w/ Teriyaki Sauce - 100NT = $4.35SGD
I love the squid but the chicken wasn't up to expectation (considering how i've the impression that taiwan serves one of the best fried chicken cutlets around)
I don't really think it's worth the amount you're paying but since we're overseas..
Well, you just end up trying anything that catches your eyes right? haha

This was some queh thingy that has meat fillings @ 35NT/piece
Drizzled with chilli and black sauce was the best combination.

The above 4 food shown were all along the same street mentioned. 
They have tons of other stalls there too but we wanted to shop so bad plus we didn't have a big appetite so we gave many of it a miss. 

There were quite a number of good buys (clothing) there but since it was winter, there wasn't much we could actually buy and wear it back here in Singapore.
Quite a number of items are sort of repeated in certain stalls so if you're searching for unique pieces, head into the different small lanes and you'll probably have to search rack by rack through every single piece to find them.

We didn't get to cover much due to time constraints and we left close to 1210am.
Of course, we were hungry by then so we had a mini round 2 before we headed back to the hotel.

Chicken Cutlet - 35NT = $1.50SGD
This was from a shop named Blue and in fact its quite a popular stall. 
(there's usually a long queue for this store but it's definitely worth the queue)
worth the money too cause it was such a huge piece!!
(I'm not that sure about the accuracy of the price of this cause I kind of forgot but roughly along this line, hehs)

Garlic Chicken Wrap - 60NT = $2.60SGD
If you pass by this do give their wraps a try. 
All of it is done on the spot and it was sooooo good!
 The name of the stall is Alibaba Ladu.
And here's the full menu for you. 
(If you've tried any of the other items do leave a comment below and let me know what you think ^^)
 The guy was really friendly too and it was so funny when he found out i was taking photos.

The above 2 stalls are along the main street (the outside of Shilin Night Market). 
From the MRT, cross the road, to your right, just walk down.

By the time we got back to our hotel it was like 1240+am and we were like freezing
(Moral of the story: do your homework before travelling)

So now introducing to you the first hotel we stayed in: Tango Hotel
It is located in Zhongshan and I love the room (especially the toilet). I'm serious!
It's a very well furnished room with up to date technologies. 
I'm so thankful for the full length mirror right near the door where you can check your outfit and hair before heading out. 

The best part of this (especially since it's winter) is the HEATED TOILET BOWL SEAT!
I can't even explain that feeling when your butt is froze off and you when you sit, oh my gosh.
Bliss I tell you!~
(slightly sua ku but well~~ sorry I don't have the luxury and the need for one at home so when I was there this was like the bomb to me )

So yes, this is the end to my day 1 at Taipei~

Now why I was unhappy:

(Disclaimer: Everything stated below is my own experience and opinion, I still remember the exact day and time we enquired and still have the email we received from them.)

All the while, they have been my #1 budget airline choice so this came as a shocker to me.
So I'm sure everyone knows about what's going on in Bangkok now right, so my Dad being a typical Singaporean said to cancel that trip (believing that we can get a refund solely because the counter at the airport told us so).
They told us to just send an email and that's all, we can get it in about 2-3months.
With their assurance, we decided with our decision to do a change of plan and after a few days later they replied to our email saying no refunds.
So here's the thing, why are we told at the counter in the airport that we will get a refund but showed otherwise when we send in a request email?
In any case, whether it's the staff's fault for over-promising or whatsoever, I guess i can only say it's just a lesson learnt to get things double confirmed before going on with any other plans.
Cause who knows if things are just gonna backfire at you.

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