Cafe Pal x "The Little Black Jacket"

11:26 AM

With the festive feel everywhere, I'm pretty certain I'm the only one not feeling it.
Cause even Miley Cyrus is feeling it on many Christmas Trees.
Putting that aside, MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!! Hope you've enjoyed it as much as she did swinging around on people's ornaments.
Despite all the presents and gatherings and delicious food, let's not forget the main star of the day.
Your birth is the best thing that can ever happen (at least to me) on Christmas!

*a moment of silence to enjoy this moment*

Okay, back to the main thing.
So, a few days back, my sis and I finally found some time to head out together after a really long time and we planned this really packed itinerary for ourselves.

The first highlight of the day: Cafe Pal
Cafe Pal is a modern thai cafe located a short distance away from all the malls in bugis.
It's quite easy to find actually, would place the address below.
It's quite a cozy place where you can just sit around with friends to catch up and all.
Overall, I really love how comfy the place is!
Here's just a little view of the shop's interior~

We had basil chicken 
as well as the suki noodles 
(sorry please turn your head to see this, i tried rotating but it still came out this way)
In my opinion, the suki noodles are more worth the try.
The food is quite average in my opinion but I'm not that sure about the desserts though.
I've looked at some of the photos and the young coconut jelly as well as mango sticky rice caught my eyes. 

If you happen to be in Bugis and thinking about getting gong cha/koi or whatever bugis has, then drop that thought as I'll strongly encourage you to head on down and get a bottle of their highly raved bottled tea!
(Left) Green Milk Tea w/ Grass Jelly - $3
(Right) Thai Iced Tea - $3
My sis and I fell in love with this after our first try!
The green milk tea had just the right amount of sweetness for me while the thai iced tea was slightly thicker and sweeter. But the thickness isn't the kind where you'll get sick of the taste type.
We bought it for our parents too who love it as well. 
For 550ml and the fact that you're able to keep it in your bag, I don't see why not.

43 Middle Road #01-00
Singapore 188952
Opening HoursMon - Sun: 1200 - 2200 hours

The next highlight of our day out: "The Little Black Jacket" Exhibition
Okay, so this has been in Singapore for awhile but I only found the time recently to drop by
My sis and I walked down all the way from Bugis (yes we're nuts)
It's a free entry thing so if you're a fashion enthusiast I'm pretty sure it's a must go.
I really love how that 1 classic piece was worn in so many different styles.
I'm not the best at descriptions so I shall let the pictures do the talking.

 (our "trying to be artistic" shots)

These are my few favourite photos out of the entire exhibition
But, the last 2 has got to be my ultimate fav.
The exhibition ain't big but definitely worth a visit in my opinion.

So that's all for this post and I shall try to gather my stuff for my final post for HK.
My Bangkok trip is cancelled but we made last min plans for Taiwan instead.
We'll be counting down there which is so exciting cause it's my first in 18 years that isn't in S'pore
So keep a look out for that
Thanks for reading!~

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