Bkk Day 1 & 2

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Day 1 - 18th June 2013 
We've actually been counting down to the trip since a good 52 days before.
Our flight was at 8pm and 二叔 kindly gave us a lift to the airport around 6.
Had dinner at the staff canteen I swore I never knew about.
(p/s: the bibimbab there is terrible)
And as usual, our favourite airline to travel with whenever we head to bangkok

Airasia's flight to thailand have all been shifted to Don Meung Airport which is one of the best reasons why Airasia is our choice flight. 
1. Its a really small airport and we quickly cleared the customs and got our luggage. 
(2205 touch down, 2220 we were already on a cab!)
2. Its super near Pratunam area where our hotel is located. 
(we reached our hotel around 2235/2240)

We stayed at Baiyoke Boutique Hotel which is located behind Baiyoke Sky.
Honest opinion: out of the 3 Baiyoke buildings I've stayed at, Baiyoke Sky has got to be the best, no doubts.
However if you want convenience, Baiyoke Suite would be the closest to all the shopping (but they do not provide a safebox). 
In terms of price, Baiyoke Boutique would be the one (they do not provide soaps so please prepare your own) and the lifts are in between levels so you'll have to head up or down by half a floor to get to the lift.
But the amazing thing about the place is..
ITS SUPER GREAT FOR OOTD! The lift doors, walls along corridor, lobby, everywhere! 

Due to the terrible dinner (my tummy was grumbling throughout the flight i'm not even kidding)
the 3 of us decided to head out along the streets for some street food for supper ^^

We had a packet of Mango Sticky Rice which was super fresh and really sweet (usually cost around 60-70 baht per pack), some Fried Chicken (oily and was not hot, but actually quite tasty.) and BBQ Squid as seen in the photo above which was really fresh!
*the thought of it just makes me hungry while i type this*

Day 2 - 19th June 2013
We woke up at 530am in the morning (me at 4am thanks to pops who set alarm at the wrong time) for the MORNING WHOLESALE MARKET!!Although it's really early in the morning it's a place that has really good deals. 
Item prices are usually ranging around 100-150 baht. 
And yes they do sell at wholesale prices as well. 
We then headed back to the hotel to sleep again before heading to Platinum Mall
Here's featuring our outfit for shopping
Topshop Maroon Crop Tee paired with Blue Polka HWS from the market earlier on me
Cartoon Crotchet Sleeveless from market earlier as well. 

I love shopping at platinum! I mean everyone does!
So just some of my opinion:
  •  If you're short of time you might want to give basement a miss because to be honest I don't think there's much there. 
  •  Level 1 has nice clothing but are usually of higher range compared to the higher levels. (If you have the time do check them out as some of them have clearance racks that have REALLY GOOD buys. 
  • Change enough thai baht at your preferred money changer cause you're probably gonna be spending quite a lot (I carried the plastics till my fingers were bruised and I'm not even kidding) and the money changer outside of platinum's rates ain't that good. 
  • Try to comb the place row by row otherwise you'll have no idea where you've been

Other than shopping, the place does have good food too.
If you're thinking what to have for lunch over at Platinum Mall's food court,
Here's a few things you might like to try:
My dad and sis ate from this store for lunch which is supposedly something like kuay chap. 
You can choose what noodles you would like and it's top with different parts of a pig.
Apparently there's quite a lot of locals who ordered this but it is not really my type of thing. 
I didn't really like the soup though but it's definitely worth a try if you would like to try what locals like. 

This is a MUST HAVE for me every single time I'm at platinum. 
Pig trotters, roasted pork, intestine and it all tasted SOOOO GOOD!
I'll never get tired of this, it is my ultimate fav over at platinum. 
Honestly, the photo doesn't do this plate of food justice.
I can't describe my LOVE for this. 
(you might think I'm exaggerating but it's really awesome to me)

Fried Oyster
This would probably be my Dad's pick as he orders this almost every single visit to platinum.
It's quite different from those we have in Singapore. 
Their egg is crispy and their oysters are bigger.
I don't really like "cong" so this doesn't really appeal to me since its super hard to get it out and I kind of prefer the egg to be soft and all like how ours is. 

Pad Thai
(From the same store as the fried oyster).
I have not really tasted much pad thai so if your views differ from mine I apologise.
I kind of like how the noodles were really soft and it's well and evenly mixed with the other ingredients. 
I cleared almost the entire plate though I was suppose to share it with my Dad. 

Tom Yum
Another local delicacy that one should not miss in Thailand.
I can't comment much cause I didn't try it but one thing for sure is there's quite a fair bit of ingredients considering the price you're paying for. It's worth the price.

Take a break over at Black Canyon Coffee!
It's a place I'll visit to get a cup of drink whenever I'm there. 
The one on level 3 is quite small so you can consider heading to the other levels as they have one at level 1,3,5 and basement.
(Left: Caramel Blackpuccino Frappe. Right: Green Tea Frappe)
I would usually order Caramel Blackpuccino Frappe, Black Canyon Frappe or Mocha Choc Chip Frappe
Actually there's many others that are really great so just try them out. 

Last thing I would like to introduce is this pineapple fried rice available at the cafe on level 1 of Baiyoke Boutique Hotel.
We chanced upon this as my sis was feeling hungry quite late at night and we wanted to use the wifi that is only provided free by the cafe if you purchase food. 
This is surprisingly good and I love the plating of it. 
It's quite a large portion and to be honest, it is the best I've tasted this trip. 
We tried the desert and chicken wings but it wasn't that great.
In any case, if you're looking for supper but want to try something other than street food, do head down to Baiyoke Boutique Hotel and try this out. 

So I guess, that's all for Day 1 & 2. 
Will try to find more time to post about Day 3,4 & 5 soon. 
Shall end off this post with a damn step advert photo of our black canyon coffee drinks

Till then!~

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