1:07 AM

I'm sure almost everyone heard about The Script's #3 world tour in Singapore.
I saw a huge hype over my twitter timeline since a few days prior to the show!
Those who follow my twitter would probably have read about what I was doing that day.
(No, this is not gonna be some post where I go like a screaming fangirl over a band.)
(Disappointed? Feel free to change the url above and head to another site)

Just in case you were wondering..
I was working that day at the indoor stadium.
I can't explain how thankful I am to be able to work at the indoor stadium on the day of their concert.
I'm not a huge fan of theirs or what not but I have to say that they have AMAZING vocals.
No one can disagree to that I'm sure.
Having the opportunity to be able to hear them LIVE that day was jus짱.

It was so funny how we thought it was a scam at first cause since the show started at 8pm, we expected it to end around 930pm. The opening act went on till 835pm and then there was a 20mins break.
Our reaction literally went :O thinking that there was only gonna be a half hour concert.
How ridiculous can we get! Hahahaha!!
In the end the show only ended at around 10pm-ish 11.

If you're thinking that's all? No..
Cause for us who were working the rest of the day all the way to 2am was full of drama.
So drama happened and people in uniform were brought in.
Honestly, if the "witness" had solid proof we wouldn't all be held back till 2am.
Really girl?! REALLY?!
But well, thanks to you girl, I happened to meet a friend I've not seen in a long time.
Met A* who happened to be working night shift in uniform that day.

We got bored waiting so this was what happened while we were waiting.
You were supposed to see uniform people in the background but well..
Here's ending the post with that retarded photo of us posing after our eventful day.

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