Little Update

2:52 PM

For those who follow me on twitter you'll probably have heard about me heading to:
1. Legoland
2. Disney on ice.
Sad to say, I went to both. TO WORK!

It's not easy to explain why i'm working in legoland.
Simplest explanation: Dad's working on a project with regards to maintenance. 
So on days that I happen to go in, its on days that the theme park is empty and it's all mine. Jelly yet? ^^
Well, don't be. Its no fun at all.

Gonna be selective when choosing dates to accept jobs now. 
For the time being just crossing all fingers to be able to work on the 29th.
Reason being, The Script is performing live at the indoor stadium and since I'm not in it watching, why not accept the opportunity to listen to them right outside at the cashier :P

Its holidays for secondary school now! 
Which means its time to spend time with my lil sis. Yay!
Since it's O's for her this year i doubt we can do much so first on the to-do-list:

Its been long since we caught a movie together. (at least i think it's been long)
Thanks to nuffnang, I've been given a pair of complimentary passes to catch oz the great and powerful.

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