12:46 AM

update of what i've been doing so far, heehee. 
school has officially started and poly life is really kind of fun. my class is really awesome and the only problem i'm facing so far is with a tutor and maec.
so once of the most recent activity was.. CIP!
no idea why but i really like doing CIP stuff once in a while. 
even if it means waking up at 5+ and having to travel more than an hour on a Sunday morning.
whether the impact made was big or small, its this little act of ours that can help someone and put a smile on their faces (:
at least that's how i see it.
just some photos:

this time round, DPA 2012 came together to do this little thing for others.
my group went to distribute groceries to families who needed help. 
which just meant carrying big bags of necessities to their house. 
something not THAT much of a woohaha but yeahh~
hoping they contact us soon to do more of such stuff and perhaps even to volunteer at special olympics. 
can't wait for that.

just have to rant it out somewhere cause i feel like i can be quite a bother sometimes and who would actually be bothered about the shit that i'm gonna on about..
the heck with mindworks and all those talks about how every behaviour has a positive intention.
no matter how "positive" it is, i don't see how i can continue any similar conversation with you bout things.
all i'm trying to do is not rely so much on you for money at the same time manage my studies without you having to worry bout me.
how about looking at things from my pov instead of going on and on and raising your freaking voice at me whenever you're unhappy or just feel like ranting something out.
so life at home is quite crappish now, everyone is tired of it, so am i alright.
thing is i'm not gonna be stuck in this situation just like how you are and instead just get on with life cause i know nothings gonna change all that is going on as much as i hope it will.
pray for the strength i need to hold myself through this shit. 

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