Fart Tartz (Review)

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It's been a long time since I've reviewed anything that I doubt anyone still reads this page anymore,
haha if you happen to be here then well, 
hellooooooooo there~

Cutting to the chase, here's my first review in a long while and here's introducing:

Fart tartz is located at a really discrete area that if it weren't for other reviews out there, I would never have come across the place. (Thank God for all them reviews and posts about cafes in the east (; )
After hearing all about the place and looking at all the food photos, I've been dying to give this place a try, and let me tell you, there's definitely no regret specially traveling all the way and walking all the way to find this hidden gem. 

One of the cafe's speciality will have to be their Arty-farty mud tarts!
With 2 regular favs of Nutella Oreo and Matcha and other flavours that will be introduced regularly. 
I had for myself the Matcha flavour as I've been having this obsession over matcha flavoured sweet treats recently. 
The top alone was a little too creamy in my opinion but when scooping deeper in the combination of the cream and more cake was just heavenly~

These gorgeous treats come in the "form" of different flowers and on special occasions, they even have it in themes to suit them. 

(photo credits: Fart Tartz Facebook)
Definitely a big thumbs up for the innovativeness and attractiveness!

However, my favvvvouriteee by them would definitely have to be their Hand crafted jar desert!
This was the precise reason that brought me back to them for the second time. 
On my first visit, I bought the Earl Grey and Baileys jar cake for takeaway.
The Earl Grey had great amazing fragrant. If only it had a stronger earl grey flavour to it, it would have been perfection!
The Baileys one on the other hand won my sister and I over. Let's just say that it was immediate addiction and that us fighting over who had more scoops wasn't exactly dramatic.
The amount was just right; neither too light or overpowering; just the way we like it. 

Apart from feasting from all them eye candies, don't forget to try out their savoury treats as well!
Yes, even their main dishes are so nicely and uniquely plated! 
(you should have seen my expression when I first saw them)
So, here's my meal: Bulbous Oriental Pasta
Super tasty with a considerably generous amount of smoked duck, fish roe and garlic. 
The only downside was that it was a little too oily especially on the very last few mouths. 
Apart from that, can I just express how much "i LOVE! this"

 Oh, and yes all pastas come with a salad on the side with a dash of balsamic vinegar~

My sis also tried the Mushy Mushroom Flatties which is a pretty new addition to their menu. 
Well, since she's a sucker for anything mushroom this totally got her heart. 
As for me, I would say it taste good but i'll still go for the pasta if given a choice. 

Apart from it's food, Fart Tartz has superb ambience which is great for catching up and definitely for photos given all the natural lightings (I know how that's such a huge bonus for all the instagramers and food photography people out there, haha)
Service is good and kudos that the boss, Barry, really does make the effort to let us customers feel  appreciated which sad to say isn't something that we experience often as a customer nowadays. 
Not sure about others but I would definitely be back for more.


Fart Tartz (Bakery-Cafe)
1 Expo Drive, #02-04
Singapore 486150
(+65) 9772 9780

*apart from mentioned, all photos posted are taken by me. Please ask for before using.  

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