update ^^v

12:58 PM

wednesday was outing with class peeps!

biggest class outing yet man! half a class outing ^^v
pic spam like mad¬
first time sliding down T3 slide, thankyou lester for that 2 tix! {:
i swear i felt super xiao hai zi when i slide down.
is really like weeeeeeeee¬¬

digged out all those old pictures for class video and yearbook page.
practically laughed at alot of it, keke.
good times good times :DD

currently damn stressed up. too many things happening the upcoming week.
lost my frigging temper at teo cause really buay tahan. felt like just walking out that day
then news has it that d&t submission date brought forward by one week.
which is this coming friday! thanks to presidential elections.
thanks people, why can't we let our chubby and cute current president continue awhile more
why take away my d&t time? )':
tomorrow there's practical, wed is O level english oral, thurs is release of Chinese O's result, friday DPA offer to be announced and D&t submission.
ottoke?! hing...
yesterday really felt like any stress was taken away¬
service then down to grandparents house for extremely nice food which i missed alot
and had a long chat with grandmother bout all those past memories.
funny max la¬ looked at abit of old pictures, my grandma look like a model when she was young sia. her pose in photos and everything, haha!
and i think i looked extremely cute when i was young, hehe..
shall post up the pics soon.

end off with jump shot, taken and edited by jianwei.
featuring the editorial? production? team (;
still think the pic is super swee! my sis say look like studio taken type. ahahahas¬

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