3 cheers ^^v

9:56 PM

3 big things to praise the Lord this week. really happy and thankful

first happehh thing is Chinese O Level results!
i got a B3, B3!!
for a person like me who usually gets C5/C6 for Chinese a B3 is like weeeee¬
i'm not retaking already, kekeke.
i'm happy with the results! ^^v
secondly, i got into NP's Business Studies!
yeah baby! ideal course! assahhh!
school starting early next year, can't wait for it man.
thank you lecturers! i will show you that you won't regret for picking me
lastly, my D&T process is good? by monday i will finish it, or should i say try to finish it.
aim for D&T A2!¬
thank you to those who were helping me think of name for it.
most likely going with "Happy Feet" cute right? melody's idea

wah, today do bus duty so paiseh. cause dan was doing intro.
heng the bus uncle never bring microphone otherwise more paiseh
thanks unker dan, me felt really uber paiseh. hahas
but then today fever kept going on and off. was really very bad till now! )':
however cell was visited by 4 koreans today! welcome peeps ^^
really enjoyed it with hajin, martin, peter and ... oops sorry forgot :/
can't wait for the outing coming up, etc.
oh ya, something stupid to share.
happened during my Prelim SPA. (it was hard)
i turned on the wrong gas tap and was happily playing with the lighter cause i was so amused with it then suddenly VHROOM! the gas tap just flamethrower me.
so i screamed and started laughing like siao. most memorable SPA yet man.

"i don't need you to show your fake front to me. cause to tell the truth it wont make any difference to me. whats the point of all the big talks. you know what? don't bother wasting energy trying to force something out. no one cares anyway. truth to be told, as i said on twitter, i'm pretty amused by this, really, as a matter of fact i'm making a joke out of it. i'm pretty amazed by how long this is actually keeping up. best of all i'm amazed at myself for the ability to do this and i'll say this any day anytime. even if i were to lose some things at the end of the day i'll have no regrets cause i still have others who actually really care. ciao. "

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