l a u g h s !

11:33 PM

i shall recount all the happy things this week!

i dont know why everything seems happy to me aites. its good being happy :D

1. monday was interview at NP. was nervous at first but right before going in it went away.
was ultra close to being late, heng never otherwise bad impression from the start.
while waiting i overheard a senior telling her friend that don't know who was strict/fierce and that i chum already. wah thanks dear it was really helpful.
okay mainly everything seemed okay and they say i had passion yadayada. but main worry is about my amaths. seriously screw amaths la. practically pull my chances down till...
Hing. nevermind i still think its ultra cool to get shortlisted by NP lo :P

2. I love my class deco! i think its extreme niceness okays.

TADAH! although other classes's are like nice but i still like my class's!
sesame street sign look alike and unseen mrt sign my idea okay! imma proud of it! :D
van's parachute man like cute max. and so is our total mrt concept.
as 16 year olds we can totally zi high with it.

3. Emaths and physics results out! Hoping for slightly higher marks but still...
this just means have to work harder. grr, remaining results please be good and please be out!
so many results to be out soon. nerve wrecking la. i too young to suffer from heart attack =="
remaining prep results, Chinese O's result, DPA offer results and of course English O level oral.
if im not wrong d&t to be submitting this month as well. stress die.

4. Saturdays are like the best day of the week ever! no matter how good or bad the week is..
Saturdays are still awesome max :D
was the 25th anniversary celebration. i like the dance, like really!
and again i was namelessly mentioned. i felt abit paiseh on the inside.
oh yeah, me and amanda are gonna be bus ics! FREE BUS RIDES! :D
free bus rides are worth getting excited over luhs, i can get used to this.
but i'm not happy that i'm being cause Dan can't do it. okay skip!
dinner with daddy -> bought that tee from mango plus my dumbbell to tone my fat arms :O
i need to slim down fast man. i just feel the need to

5. shopping spree today! went bras basah(?) and daddy bought me a levis watch!
its like ultra cool. slide slide one, hehe. SL bought odm = eh! hagen troy! (:
headed down to bugis and bought 2 tops plus my thingy from TonyMoly~ overload of SJK! ^^
then to vivo. shopped like mad at F21~ officially my fave shop la can.
so many tribal print designs! i likeee~
me and SL bought like 5/6 tops 1 bottom and 1 accessories.
i swear all those tribal prints were tempting me to the ultimate max.

6. tomorrow is national day celebration! jem bringing the s'pore flag tattoo. yay~
patriotic can! :D hope the celebration is gonna be a good one.
then it would be no school all the way till thurs then resume.
though it will just be chiong work ttm at home but still its good kays. can wake up late and chiong till late. more sleep for me (L)

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