Exams 안녕

11:00 PM

Yay exams are finally over and I've now started on my internship.
So here's a short update:
Let's name this update part 1. 
Everyone needs a budd who they can always find joy in; just doing random shit and getting serious together.
And now that Sem 1 of Year 2 is over, I'm really going to miss this group of people:
(please ignore my bcomm tutor at the back, this is probably the only photo with most of us)
As compared to the previous sem, this sem has been really enjoyable thanks to this group of people and I'm really reluctant to get a change of class. 
Gonna miss all the stupid talks and things we did. Still remembered the first few bcomm lessons when we packet food like mee goreng and stuff into class and got scolded for making everyone hungry. haha. 
Can't wait for our trip to HK together. 
Prepared for the most crazy shits to happen, hahaha.

I really hate having to cram all at one go so I'll try my best to make this as painless and enjoyable as possible so here's what I'll usually make sure I have.
First Criteria - a nice place to study!
So before exams and all, I spent most of my time being everywhere together with that group of people to studyaye!~
Well, i spent quite a bit of time at the huge ass library in town.
Of course other than studying, I couldn't help but do things like that:
It is an amazing place to not only study but to camwhore, whut gives?!~ hehe
I also spent quite a lot of time in different cafes so that I get to try new food and have a nice place at the same time. Yay food!

2nd Criteria - Food (what else)
So here's my fav food of the month that gave me my motivation and strength, haha
 (L) Meiji Melon Milk, probably one of the awesomest drink ever!~
I drank half a cup of this almost every night halfway through my studying cause its just so good.
(R) CJ Crispy Dumplings (Kimchi and Tofu). Fast and easy to make yet tasty, nothing else i can ask for.
Sometimes I just get too lazy or too engrossed so all I'll eat is some of my fav kimchi cup noodles and throw some of these into the microwave to cook for 3 mins and *yumz in my tumz*

3rd Criteria - Comfortable clothing
Somehow some of us still like to dress up during exam times especially the last day so we can head out immediately after everything ended.
But since there's still papers before that, comfortable clothing are just the awesome thing.
Love this outfit the most out of all my days of exams cause it's just so comfty.
Just wore a pair of hws and a cropped top and prepared a denim shirt to throw over in case it got cold.
And hello pretty pair of doc marts over there. 
Yupp, finally got to wear those pretz stuff out after so long. 

Oggays, that's it for now.
Thanks for reading through if you did. hehs.
P/s: find out how to win a pair of  movie tix in my next post (;

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