Fend for yourself

12:25 AM

I still remember a senior once told me:
"In poly, people get close easily but drift away quickly too. Almost no one is family. You have to watch your own back."
At that point of time I didn't get it cause I was lucky to be in the comfort zone of having really awesome classmates but I guess it's just time to face reality. 
This society is just majorly fucked up; selfish and cruel and you'll just have to fend for yourself.
You might not receive the same treatment as how you treat others; and that's just life.

Being thrown into a class alone for a whole semester is just turning my life upside down.
Loathing every single fucking day of school, counting down to the end of the sem.
Outcasting self just cause it makes me feel better.
But learning real life experiences true own encounters.
The irony.

But i guess it's just human that we learn things the hard way.
Confiding in selected people --> cause others don't care
Trusting no one --> till tested and proven trustworthy,
Can't blame me for turning back into an outcast who has trust issues after being in an environment where i'm just alone and finds out that people you thought were close to you shows otherwise.
After years of trying to open up and finally succeeding i'm falling back into my old self.
The side of me i've been holding down seems to be surfacing again.
Thanks my cruel society.
I so love you.
Watch me.
I'll prove every one of you (who is treating me in a way i dislike) that it's a wrong choice of yours.
You will regret
I promise.

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