Thankful yet regretful

2:59 PM

Probably the most eventful 2 weeks of holiday that I could ever have.
The camps had been simply amazing and i wouldn't trade it for anything else. 
Trip to malaysia brought back memories and the time spent with close ones,
can't thank God enough for all these that has happened.

But now its when the shit comes in, 
it has always been there but i've been way too distracted with everything else that it didn't seem much.
I guess its at times like these where troubles just start flowing back in.
These troubles are part of my regret for this entire season of my life or even my life.
I've not felt this regretful ever since 3 years back. And this wave just hit me harder than the previous.
With not much to hold on too, I really don't know how to continue.
I see no positive face of this entire shit but neither do i want to be a burden.
Really hoping for this season to end quickly. 
I just want to get out of it.
Have that feeling of giving it all up but i suppose it's all up to the Lord.

God, please, show me the way.

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