Lobster Fun!

8:20 AM

Awesome (but freaking hot) day out with all my dearies yesterday!

after buying all the snacks and other yada yada, headed down to MARINA BARRAGE!
saw the shuttle bus and was thinking if we should run for it. we ran but still... yea~missed it
seriously that place really nothing to do other than eat, talk, fly kite, take pictures~
but the "deprived childhood" feeling is gone cause i flew a kite for the first time in my entire life!
Clar spon us for kite, a "cute don't know what super striking from far hot pink" kite :D
i'm still amazed by how our kite go so high, i have no idea why, but i like~
Other then when playing kite i just sat under the umbrella like that!
eating chips, drinking hot sprite, holding umbrella and just sit there and act girly or something~
nah, i was just hiding from the sun with regrets of not bringing my hat and my sunglasses!
when we were leaving that bus 400 the bus uncle is ultra nice!!
outside marina barrage when we thought we just missed the bus he stopped for us
and due to our blurness we missed the stop to and would actually end up god knows where,
he stopped to let us alight! otherwise we'll probably end up stranded in some unknown place.
谢谢uncle! you're the best bus driver i've ever seen :D
->Raffles city for mac/ starbucks.
caramel frappuccino was heaven in that heat!
i supa luv it!~
okeys, end off with, GROUP PICTURE! YAY~ :D

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