It's not goodbye

2:06 AM

 iDARE is officially over after after-glow.
A big thank you to all the BTs who planned this entire event for us
Really appreciate the time and effort you guys put in

A start to a whole new sem after this and everyone's just gonna get busy and stuff.
It's gonna be so hard just to meet up with everyone.
My dear Cement:
Thank you for everything! Since our pre-trip briefing and all.
It's been a month since the start of iDARE. Scary how time passed so quickly.
Cannot show how much I love you guys and how thankful I am to have your in my life.
Although iDARE is officially over, let's please meetup often like how we did over the holidays.
I love you guys.
"Good proportion of water and sand, helps you make good construction materials" ^^

Because I'm just too lazy to cover the whole event, I shall just end off with this photo of me and a damn good bro of mine (:


Just got back from the airport about an hour+ ago.
3 days at TCP just went by like that, followed by buffet lunch, lunch at makan place with Justice, bringing some mentors to try kallang laksa/ikea, and finally concluding with tears at the airport.
Might not have talked to all the mentors as well as spend a lot of time with them,
but it was all time well spent.
I feel blessed to have gotten to know these talented mentors as well as be inspired by them.
Especially my mentor; Justice.
Held back tears as much as I can but it failed in the end cause my eyes still produced sweat.
In anyway,

Dear Justice,
Thank you for everything since Day 1 that you got to know us from the last camp.
From *creekcreek* moments to laughters and all random things.
Thanks to you, I finally got those bottled up thoughts off my chest. 
Although you might not be able to come back next year so that you can finish college, but do know that we'll be waiting for you to return so that we can give you 3 Justice Clap as well as give you hugs.
Pleeeeeeaseeeeeeeeeee come back soon! We'll be more than glad to spend time with you.
We'll (I'll) miss you sooooo muchhhhhhhhhh!!!
I pray that you'll have a save flight home and that you'll get to come over and see us soon.
Take care of yourself and hope to see you reallllll soon again.
We love you Justice *hearts*

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