Oh hey there!~
My name is Swee Teng but if that is hard to pronounce or remember, you can always call me "Sweet Thing" too (;
Well, Elyssa is fine too
You can find me @tengtengzxc across all the social media platforms I'm on. 

I'm 23, standing tall at 5'1 and am currently pursuing Marketing in a Start-up. 
I graduated from the University of Birmingham with an honors degree in International Business and if you didn't know, my love for traveling was what led me to the decision of taking this course.
Fun fact: I have stayed in Vietnam, UK, and China for half a year each!

I would describe myself as just your not so ordinary, slightly oddball, born and raised in Singapore, kind of introvert who loves to potate (well yes, I'm pretty normal I would like to think). I post mostly about my travels in the past but now that I've start work, the scope I post would probably expand a little. Despite that, you will definitely find out a lot more about me through my various posts and I'll love to have you join me in this amazing yet uncertain life that I'm living.

Thank you once again for dropping by and please, feel free to leave comments and interact with me over this little humble virtual space of mine.
I guess I'll see you around soon~

Swee Teng